andyfleet piano player / songwriter / composer


The Andy Fleet Band


Takin' Aim 2013 (LV1607) 
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1. Who's gonna be sorry

2. At the bottom of the pool

3. Get the boys round

4. Tender

5. The Beast

6. Takin' Aim

7. James

8. Alpha Female

9. Tick all the boxes

10. Brave little soldier

The Night Falls Fast 2009 (Digital only)

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1. The night falls fast

2. Get the boys round

3. Fifity Four Candles

4. Genya

5. Tonic (ft. Jane Fraser)

6. I need my baby tonight

7. Been there drunk that (ft. Jo Doolan)

8. The piano bum

9. She'd say something

10. So Wonderful (demo)